30/05/2009 05:32

THE TOUR in National Class selection

Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008, 102 min.

Director: Goran Marković
Cast: Tihomir Stanić, Dragan Nikolić, Mira Furlan, Jelena Đokić, Josif Tatić
Awards: Golden Antigone, Nova Award, Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, 2008, Best Director, FIPRESCI Prize, Montréal World Film Festival, 2008, Audience Award, Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2008.

Multi-awarded film by the director Goran Marković The Tour, which was Serbian candidate nominated for the Oscar in category Foreign Language Film, will be shown at Film and Media Festival Cinema City within competitive selection National Class.

The story takes place in 1993, the year of the worst fights in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, wanting to earn easy money, sets off into unusual adventure throughout war zones in Serbian Republic and Republic of Serbian Krajina. The journey brings them brand new experiences, sometimes funny, sometimes painful and almost always shocking, but going through new situations, the group of artists acquires great knowledge about life, war and the area they hadn't known before.

Some of the great names of domestic actors took part in the creation of The Tour by famous director Goran Marković. The film was made in the late 2007 in Šamac, Derventa, Prijedor and Kozarska Dubica.