01/07/2015 08:30

The third day of the Cinema City

We will start the overview of the third day of Cinema City with the repertoire of Fabrika Indoor Cinema, where at 15:30h you can see the repeat screening of great Bulgarian drama “Lesson” – one of only two Bulgarian films to be distributed in American cinemas in the past 30 years. At this same location at 18:30h we will screen modern Dickensian drama “The Goob”.

The 20h timeslot is reserved for “Self Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter”, an intimate observation of what it means to hit puberty at the age of thirty. The repertoire in Fabrika will wrap up with Anna Sofie Hartmann’s excellent Danish drama “Limbo” at 22h. Incidentally, Anna Sofie Hartmann is guest of this year’s festival.

The repeat screening of Goran Radovanović’s “Enclave”, the film which drew enormous interest of the audience during the second day of the festival, will be at Quarter Indoor Cinema at 15:30. In the period between 18:00h and 20:00h you can see another portion of the Up to 10,000 Bucks selection – No Free Lunch, Another Moonscape, Good Neighbour, Merry-Go-Round, Better Place Awaits, and IT Girl. “The Healing”, a film about hesychasm of an orthodox monk in a miraculous atmosphere of an isolated hermitage, who is interrupted by a sudden visit from two people will screen at 20h. At 22h we will screen Paolo Sorrentino’s comedy “One Man Up”.

Amstel Open Air Cinema in Limanski Park will screen Vuk Ršumović’s “No One’s Child” at 20:45h. This film is based on a true story about a wild boy who was found among the wolves in Bosnian mountains in the spring of 1988. At 23h we have prepared Austrian psychological thriller “Goodnight Mommy”. This is a story about a relationship between a mother and her son(s) in an isolated patch of land.

Open air cinema – Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema – will open at 21h with the film about legendary Icelandic artist Björk and her multidisciplinary spectacle: biophilia. This film will be a great intro to harmonious melodies of americana band Stray Dogg.

Maja Miloš’s "Clip", winner of Cinema City 2012, will be screened at Firchie Think Tank Studio at 22h.

SKCNS Brod Teatar will dive into the seventh art with the screening of Goran Radovanović’s “Enclave” from the National Class selection at 22h, and Up to 10,000 Bucks chosen films from 23:30h, including: Maria’s Episode, Oh, it’s no big deal, Merry-Go-Round, Alone, Ana Square, and A Splendid Affair.

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