06/05/2010 10:31

"The Promising Boy" within Planet Rock Selection

A Serbian cult classic from 1981, “The Promising Boy”, by Milos Misa Radivojevic will be screened within Planet Rock selection. Film’s script is signed by director Misa Radivojevic, Nebojsa Pajkic and Bogdan Tirnanic. Excellent cast is comprised of Aleksandar Bercek, Rade Marovic, Dara Dzokic, Milena Zupancic, Dusica Zegarac, Velimir Bata Zivojinović, Eva Darlan, Branislav Lecic, Slobodan Aligrudic.

Main hero is Slobodan, an exemplary young man as is expected by his reputable and well situated parents. He is a good student, has a girlfriend he is expected to marry because she is a girl of good breeding, until one day, in a jealous fit, she hits him over the head with an oar. As if he needed it, Slobodan becomes free, he lunges head first into a world without responsibilities, a world of punk and rock, so different from the one he left. Even in this world he is successful. It lasts until the moment he falls of his motorbike, an inseparable part of his new life. He hits his head again. Those who tend to him are the people from the world he left. That same world brings him to the wedding altar and everything is back to the way it was…

Music is signed by legendary band Šarlo Akrobata. Notable appearances in this film have Dusan Kojic Koja and Ivica Vdovic Vd, who together with main hero, played by Aleksandar Bercek, perform in a band “Good Boys”. Koja wrote three songs especially for this film, “Free”, “Depression”, “I’m Sick of Everything”, which were never published. Vlada Divljan and Srdjan Saper, members of another legendary band, “Idoli”, also make an appearance in this film. The film is entirely immersed in sounds of “new Yugoslav wave”, and one can also hear bands “Azra”, “Paraf” and “Pekinska Patka”.