10/08/2017 04:23

The Potent “Filthy” by Slovakian Director Tereza Nvotová

The Fresh Danube Films (FDF) Section will feature another debut cinematic achievement, a film by the Slovakian director Tereza Nvotová. Her first feature film, “Filthy”, is a potent coming-of-age drama, an intimate narrative of a seventeen-year-old girl called Lena, whose teenage world smashes into pieces after one of her school teachers rapes her.

The film invites us to follow the leading heroine Lena on her inner journey as she endures the agony of her assault. “Filthy” is a remarkable appeal inviting us to break down the taboo that rapists can only be found in dark places past the witching hour, and a helping hand to break the wall of silence about surviving the trauma.

So far, Tereza Nvotová has directed documentary movies. She has recently started working on her second documentary about the former Slovakian Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar, which is being filmed in co-production with HBO Europe.

The screening of this film is supported by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Serbia.