24/05/2010 11:36

“The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow” at Cinema City Festival

"The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow" is a feature film based on two Old Testament stories of Jakob and Jonah. Lead hero, Jacob, is a young man in his late twenties who is faced with existential problems. The fact that he is pushed at the very edge of social and spiritual margin creates within him the need for a new meaning and a new mission for himself and he tries to give meaning to his life in an extremely bizarre way by insisting that a traveling Bible salesman, who tried to sell him a Bible, is an actual angel and tries to get his blessing. While working on his mission, Jacob gradually discovers a new world where he accomplishes himself. Paradoxically, that world is city’s necropolis.

Marin Malesevics’s directorial debut will be screened at Cinema City festival within National Class competition selection.

Theatre and film director Malesevic was born in 1975 in Novi Sad. He graduated at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in Professor Vlatko Gilic’s class. In 2001 together with his friends he re-established Kino Klub Novi Sad. He is one of the cofounders of “Film Front” festival, which screens small and independent film productions. He works as a theatre director and he also worked as an editor and an associate in several films directed by Zelimir Zilnik.