29/06/2015 06:16

The first day of Cinema City

The official opening of the Cinema City festival, which is this year held at a completely new location, inside China Town and Limanski Park, will start on Monday, June 29, at 20h, at the Planet Rock stage. The opening will be an intro to a truly great film programme.

We have chosen Pavle Vučković’s Panama from the National Class selection to be the opening film of the festival. Following its great performance at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Panama is coming to China Town, Novi Sad. This is a modern love story burdened by the internet and social networks. We will meet Jovan, the main protagonist, and Maja, who is just one of the girls Jovan is seeing. He considers her naive and inexperienced, but in time her ambivalence starts to intrigue him. Following her video clips and online trails, he starts discovering parts of her double life, which draws him into his own game of deception and jealousy. Panama will be screened at Fabrika Indoor Cinema after the opening ceremony.

The first day of the festival will also screen Amores Perros (Love’s a Bitch), the first feature film of renowned Academy Award-winning director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. Guillermo Arriaga wrote the script for this iconic film, bringing three intertwined stories of the lives of different social classes in Mexico City to a standstill in a fatal car accident. This award-winning film will be screened in Quarter Indoor Cinema.

The 360° selection will kick off with Duccio Chiarini’s fabulous comedy Short Skin in the perfect ambience of Amstel Open Air Cinema in Limanski Park. This is essentially a sexual and emotional coming of age story. Confined by his fears and insecurities into a shell that separates him from the fairer sex, teenager Edoardo will develop other talents that will help him understand womenfolk and endless emotional contradictions. Short Skin explores tenderness and vulnerability of men, who are too often presented only through the prism of macho stereotype.

The adventures of the Planet Rock programme will begin with Alex Gibney’s Finding Fela, which gives a portrayal of the life, music, and social and political engagement of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. In his new documentary feature, this Academy Award-winning director explores the controversial life, superb music, and undisputed cultural and political influence of the legendary creator of afrobeat.

And that’s not all! Come after the screenings to the Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema and let Jarboli and Darkwood dub take you on a musical adventure, which is scheduled to start at 23h.

We wish you great times on the first day of #CinemaCity2015!