27/05/2010 09:13

The Cool Kidz presents: “How to Train Your Dragon”

From the studio that brought us “Shrek”, “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda” comes “How to Train Your Dragon”. This comedy adventure, based on the novel by Cressida Cowell, takes place in a mythical world of powerful Vikings and terrible dragons. The center of the story is a teenage Viking Hiccup who dwells on Berk island where fighting dragons is a way of life. His progressive way of thinking and peculiar sense of humor are not so well accepted within the tribe or by the head chief, Stoick, who happens to be Hiccup’s father. When Hiccup joins the rest of the teenagers in training to become a dragon slayer, he will become aware of his chance to have what he needs to become a fighter. But after he meets and befriends a wounded dragon, his world will turn upside down. What started as Hiccup’s only way of proving himself will become a possibility for a different future of the entire tribe.

A superb animated comedy “How to Train Your Dragon” will screen at Cinema City Film and Media Festival within The Cool Kidz selection. It is a film made for both young and old fans of extraordinary and imaginative film adventures.