21/05/2010 06:48

"The Blue Train" premieres within National Class selection

Janko Baljaks The Blue Train will premiere on June 6 within competition selection National Class. The story takes place during seven days of mourning after Titos departure. In those days, in Belgrade and other cities of former Yugoslavia being happy was considered to be highly inappropriate and being in love was deemed offensive, especially in a way our two lead heroes are.

Vojislav and Anica are classmates, in love with each other. One day, while making love they accidentally switch on the PA system and interrupt the program the entire school was listening to. It just happens to be the day when Tito died and the program they were listening was a commemoration. This event will lead them into a game of revenge, jealousy and passion, which will continue for many years to come.

The narrative follows those seven days in Belgrade when everything was closed, from cinemas to theatres and all the daily newspapers were framed in black. However, from that whole situation when celebrations and Miss spring competition in senior high school class are abruptly interrupted by the announcement on departure of greatest son of our nations I tried to create a dramatic set with sequence of ironic, comic and tragicomic subplots, a study on nature of a collective, which begins to show its different or true colors in light of new historical circumstances says Janko Baljak, films director.

The film is carried by a completely new generation of actors and for many of them this film is their debut. Lead actors are Sanja Popovic and Ljubomir Bulajic, but a great crew of supporting actors made notable performances as well: Aleksandar Radojicic, Aleksandra Tomic, Suzana Lukic, Tinja Dosen, Jelena Bosanac, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Vladan Milic and Sani Meha. Lena Bogdanovic plays high school principal, Nebojsa Milovanovic plays Marxism professor, Aleksandar Djurica is a police inspector and Goran Sultanovic appears in a role of colonel Krsmanovic.

The Blue Train is a film dedicated to all those who, together with their parents, sincerely cried on the day Tito died. Films epilogue gives a glimpse into destinies of those portrayed in the film, in the years after bloody breakup of the country of brotherhood and unity and shows that in the following years we had far more reason to cry.

The film will have a special projection on May 25 in Museum 25. Maj within multimedial manifestation ORA 2010, and its cinema premiere at Cinema City Festival in Novi Sad.