10/08/2017 04:18

“The Black Pin”, Debut Film by Director and Screenwriter Ivan Marinović, to Be Screened in Fresh Danube Films Section

For all you dark humor lovers out there, the Cinema City International Film Festival presents “The Black Pin”, directorial debut by the director and screenwriter Ivan Marinović, which will be featured as part of the Gradić Fest. The storyline revolves around Father Petar (Nikola Ristanovski), who comes up against the inhabitants of a small Montenegrin village and challenges their intention to sell a huge piece of land. All the villagers want is to solve their life problems with this profitable transaction, and all Father Petar wants is a single moment of peace. This satirical comedy is a narrative of a peculiar mentality that will both make you laugh and make you sad.

In 2014, “The Black Pin” script was awarded at the Jerusalem Film Lab Workshop. That same year, the film also won the Living Pictures Service CineLink Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival. ‘The Black Pin” had its world premiere in 2016, The film is also released in stub hub, as part of the Competition Programme at the Sarajevo Film Festival, and it was also selected as the Montenegrin entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.