30/05/2008 02:44

The Birds – Pedja's Film Collection

USA, 1963, 119 min
Direction: Alfred Hitchcock
Cast: Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette, Veronica Cartwright
Awards: Best DVD Original Retrospective Documentary/Featurette, DVD Exclusive Awards, 2001, Most Promising Newcomer - Female (Tippi Hedren), 1964 Golden Globes, USA, 1964; nominations: Best Effects, Special Visual Effects, Academy Awards, USA, 1964, Best DVD Overall Original Supplemental Material, DVD Exclusive Awards, 2001, Best Motion Picture, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, 1964, Outstanding Classic DVD, Satellite Awards, 2005.
Selection: Pedja's Film Collection

A classic of the horror genre in the realm of world cinematography is a film accomplishment by Alfred Hitchcock - The Birds. Thanks to the film collection of Pedja Protic, the festival visitors are going to have a chance to remind themselves of the cult creation from 1963, which significantly influenced the later evolution of the mentioned genre and the perfecting of the popular psycho-thriller.

The movie shows spoiled Melanie Daniels in a pet shop, flirting in a carefree manner with Mitch Brenner, a lawyer. A short and naïve game of the Melanie’s false identity, presenting her as a saleswoman is just an introduction to a possible romance. However, the story does not go in that direction. Evil birds of Poe’s manners do not stop with ominously circling the city. They bring an unusual discontent to the townspeople. Soon, a first crime occurs. It is just a beginning of bizarre bird attacks on people…

Born in England in 1899, Hitchcock grew up in a strict catholic family. He graduated Saint Ignatius College that was run by Jesuits, so he had quite a disciplined life in his youth. In 1920 he gets a job in a film studio and in 1923 a chance to direct. The director of the movie called Always Tell Your Wife became ill, and Hitchcock appeared to be an exquisite replacement. Guided by the successful proof of his talent, the manager of the studio allowed Hitchcock to direct on his own the movie called Number 13, but before it was finished, the studio was closed. Hitchcock did not give up. Such an attitude and character brought him his master-pieces such as Rope, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rebecca, Psycho, and many more. He was awarded the title of Sir. Many times awarded, he experienced five nominations for the most prestigious film award, Oscar. This great admirer of the messenger of symbolism and a mystic literature author, Edgar Alana Poe, also achieved a big success in the art of the words, with the publication of "Alfred Hitchcock & Mystery Magazine“, that continued with publishing for more than a decade after his death, maintaining the built status in the stories of anthological value of the horror genre.