28/05/2009 05:19

The Belgrade Phantom

Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, 2009, 82 min.

Director: Jovan B. Todorović
Cast: Milutin Milošević, Marko Živić, Radoslav Milenković, Nada Macanković

The Belgrade Phantom is an entertaining film, part documentary, part feature film directed by Jovan B. Todorović, which will document one of the cult events and urban myths of the city. The film will be shown within the National Class selection at Cinema City festival.

The hero of the film is Vlada Vasiljević, a citizen of Belgrade, who stole a white Porsche ‘911 Targa’ and then proceeded to taunt the police by driving at breakneck speed around Slavia and to entertain the people who turned up in great numbers to watch the show. The speed chases of the ‘Phantom’, together with his arrest, became one of the legends in Belgrade.

The film will be competing for the awards in the following categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Photography and Best Editing.