21/05/2008 17:19

Teško je biti fin (It’s Hard to Be Nice) in Balkan Buster Selection

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007, 102 min
Direction: Srđan Vuletić
Cast: Saša Petrović, Senad Bašić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Darija Lorenci
Awards: Saša Petrović, Senad Bašić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Darija Lorenci
Selection: Balkan Buster

A second feature film by famous Bosnian director Srđan Vuletić called Teško je biti fin (It’s Hard to Be Nice) is going to be shown in Balkan Buster Selection. The movie was this tear’s candidate for the most prestigious film award Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film.

Teško je biti fin
(It’s Hard to Be Nice) is a drama with elements of black humor. As well as Vuletić’s first movie Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini (2004), his second movie is also dedicated to Sarajevo. Through careful noting, rich with emotions but also with sharp critic retrospectives, the movie shows the life of a taxi driver Fudo, who tries to cope with the conditions of the post-war, cruel capitalism.

The new social order brought with it new exploiters and the rules of black market. Because of his wife and a young child, Fudo tries to stop with meaningless criminal activities. Soon, he realizes that such a decision is almost impossible to be put into practice. His friend and colleague, Sejo, a taxi driver is also in the criminal business. He lent Fudo money for a new car. When he finds out about Fudo’s decision, he starts blackmailing him, looking for dangerous services in return…

The movie shows how difficult it is to be nice and survive at the same time, in the new society full of corruption and criminal, despite strong determination to live a moral life.

Srđan Vuletić was born in 1971. He graduated the Academy of Drama Arts in Sarajevo, and in 1995, he began with making of short movies. As a member of SaGA group, he directed several documentaries, and in cooperation with a screenplay writer, Abdulah Sidran, he created travel program about Bosnian towns. With his first feature film, Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini (2004), he won Tiger and Moviezone awards in International Film Festival in Rotterdam in 2004.