Archive Cinema City 2014.

Tambourine buttocks

Bunda Pandeiro

Genre: Experimental
Country: Brazil
Year: 2012
Duration: 2 min

Director: Carlo Sampietro
Scenario: Carlo Sampietro

Cast: Cicero Pereira, Hellen Thais, Geise Cristina, Eduardo de Brito, Aniele Ricco, Taty Fisher, Yago Rodrigues, Karen Barbarian, Renato Rodrigues

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 8600

Novi Sad premiere


Bunda Pandeiro is the first part of a trilogy that explores the rules of gender and race in the contemporary world. This “body concert” is a metaphorical representation of the “tambourine,“ which has no gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation but is defined perfect simply from the sound that it makes.

Carlo Sampietro is an Italian mixed media artist based in New York City. His working heighten public awareness by visually demonstrating cultural issues.

My observations of landscape evolution, human preconceptions, use of natural resources, similarities and differences between societies, cultures, and cities are translated into multimedia and found-object installation art.