19/03/2010 07:26

Talking with Brankica Drašković

First real women sound

At this year’s Documentary Rock Film Festival in Croatia – DORF, “The First Real Female Sound” a film on one of most significant rock bands of Novi Sad, Boye, was declared the best film and also received special award from audience in Rijeka. Last year, audience in Novi Sad had the opportunity to attend this film’s premiere at Cinema City Film and Media Festival, within Planet Rock selection.

- DORF took place in three cities simultaneously, where were you during the festival?

This is the first time that Dorf was held simultaneously in three cities: Vinkovci, Zagreb and Rijeka and that is a novelty compared to previous editions of this, truly unique, festival of music documentaries from Ex-YU region. Although I was invited to screenings in all three cities, I was only present in Vinkovci. There, I somehow felt at home, since I’ve frequented the festival, only in different roles. First time I was a guest with documentary on Obojeni program, and last year I was a jury member at the festival.

- What are your impressions after these recognitions and how was your time at the festival?

Each recognition that comes for something you’ve done is pleasing. I think these two awards belong equally to everybody who participated in realization of this documentary. First of all, it belongs to Boye and their interesting story, but it also belongs to all those who recognized the value of the idea of putting their story into a documentary. First of all to Exit who mediated with AP Vojvodina Secretariat for Culture to receive funds for realization of the film, Cultural Center of Novi Sad as well as Arbos production which stood behind the project from the beginning.

It is always a pleasure to attend festivals and to socialize and revel, equally in front and behind the big screen. Due to certain circumstances, as a journalist, I attended many festivals, each one distinctive its own way, but DORF distinguishes itself with its highly casual atmosphere and the people who organize it, who are very dear to me.

- Did you have the opportunity to attend the rest of the festival and what films would you recommend we see?

Surely one should see the newest film by veteran master of music documentaries, Julien Temple’s Oil City Confidential on Dr. Feelgood band, which along with his previous films on Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer encloses punk trilogy. Among regional films, i.e. those competing for festival award, the film that shouldn’t be neglected is “Radio Apokaliptiko” by Slovenian director Marko Cvejić, which received Special Jury Award.

- Last year you were also a jury member at DORF. How does it feel to find yourself in a reviewer’s role and from that perspective, how do you perceive the status of music documentary in our country, region and the world?

Being in a jury is an honor, but it is an ungrateful role as well. Reviewing films from the region, which are mostly made for television and are pretty much evened out where quality is concerned, and comparing them with world documentaries, which differ so much in production and concept, presents a problem. I think this form of documentary film, when compared with the rest of the world, never truly blossomed in the region. The reason probably lies with insufficient means for its realization and that surely is something that drives away authors and producers from ever stepping into these waters. It is hard to convince someone that shooting a documentary about a musician or a music phenomenon is of any importance, and it is even harder to reimburse for the effort invested.

- What are the driving motives which made you create “First real female sound”?

To me, Boye, along with Obojeni program, is one of the most significant bends that Novi Sad new wave produced at the beginning of the ‘80s, because of the unique musical expression which they nurtured and an intriguing story when seen from a phenomenological angle. Namely, resurrecting female spirit in former Yugoslav rock & roll with full awareness on type of music they opted for, Boye managed to secure a place at, up until then, solely male-oriented scene and impose themselves as one of the most original and refreshing of phenomena. That is why their 20 year long story, embellished with tenacity, consistency and female principle, was in “First Real Female Sound” depicted as a part of a much wider cultural and social context which allowed both men and women to grow, not only as quality musicians but as independent individuals aware of the time and environment in which they created.

- Is the film being screened anywhere at the moment and what are further plans in that area?

At the moment it screens at Dokukin in Zagreb, and for the next month a plan is to be screened at Art&Music festival in Pula, as well as in Podgorica festival. I should remind that film premiered at Cinema City festival in Novi Sad and aside from DORF, it was screened at the International film festival Cinedays in Skopje, then in Niš and twice in Belgrade.

- Are you working on another film project at the moment or do you have something planned?

I plan a documentary which has nothing to do with music. Since its realization is still uncertain I can’t reveal what it’s about. :-)