25/06/2008 04:08

Talking to Marija Jocic


Through a short conversation with Marija Jocić, the PR of the festival, we found out some of her impressions of the eight-day film fantasy which truly turned Novi Sad into a cinema and put it among the most important world film and cultural centres.

- Marija, are you satisfied with the realization of the festival? And did the eight-day Cinema City’s path through the world of film go as planned?

During eight days of the festival, Novi Sad actually became a cinema-city, and this is what tells us, the organizers, that everything went perfectly well. We didn’t have any major problems or changes during the festival.

- How was the attendance of the festival? Was it beyond or below your expectations?

It is really my impression that some unbelievable magic ruled the city these days. Crowded cinemas, audience opened for completely different film stories, and views on life; it is magnificent that this brave and daring film program was accepted and that the viewers were ready for new discoveries every day. It is enough to say that the festival was visited by around 50 000 people, and that you could see people carrying Cinema City org cards grinning near each of the festival cinemas.

- According to your free judgment, which selections were most attended?

It’s difficult to choose a selection, but the interesting thing is that all domestic films were shown before overfilled hall of Serbian National Theatre, and that Animatrix completely won the audience, and also that film classics had great attendance.

- What do you find a true surprise of the festival? Was it a film that especially drew attention of the audience, a happening, or a guest of the festival?

Each of our guests had a unique experience in both making the film and encountering the audience. I know for sure that Sita Sings the Blues completely softened and delighted the audience. Director Nina Paley made it for five years on her computer, and the audience accepted and greeted with great warmth the sincere autobiographical story about how her husband left her by an e-mail, with a funny version of Ramayana, an Indian epic.