Archive Cinema City 2014.

Strange Forest

Čudna šuma

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia, Hungary
Year: 2014
Duration: 75 min

Director: Szabolcs Tolnai
Scenario: Szabolcs Tolnai

Cast: Hermina G. Erdelyi, Robert Tilly, Nenad Jezdić, Siniša Tucić, Jovan Belobrković

Programme selection: National Class


The story takes place in a Hungarian family in the North Serbia. Their son escapes from the Centre for Drug Rehabilitation. Searching for him, his parents are realizing that their son owed to a local narco boss and was forced to escape and hide. His parents blame each other for the fate of their son and after painful conflict, father leaves the home. During the next few days both parents are searching for their son, each facing on their own way the harsh reality that surrounds them.

Original language: Serbian, Hungarian
Subtitle: English, Serbian
Producer: Miroslav Mogorović
Producetion co: Art&Popcorn (Belgrade, Serbia), Laokoon Filmgroup (Hungary)