14/05/2009 13:44


France, 2008, 103 min.
Director: Sylvie Verheyde
Cast: Léora Barbara, Mélissa Rodriguez, Laëtitia Guerard, Karole Rocher, Benjamin Biolay, Guillaume Depardieu, Johan Libereau, Jeannick Gravelines, Thierry Neuvic, Valérie Stroh, Anne Benoit, Christophe Bourseiller
Awards: Best Screenplay, Flanders International Film Festival, 2008; nominations: Grand Prix, Flanders International Film Festival, 2008, César, César Award France, 2009.
Selection: EXIT POINT

At Film and Media Festival Cinema City, as a part of EXIT POINT selection, audience will have an opportunity to see a creation by French director Sylvie Verheyde, called Stella.

The story takes place in 1977. The film shows eleven-year-old girl called Stella who enrols a prestigious school in Paris. The enrolment means entering a new and unusual world, far from the one she knows well. She lives in a working-class café with her parents and a brother, on the outskirts of Paris. For her, school is a chance of a lifetime. However, the question is will Stella recognise that chance and manage to use it?

Director Sylvie Verheyde wrote the screenplay, which in 2006 brought her Arlequin Prize - a prestigious award in the category Best Screenwriter.