Archive Cinema City 2014.

So Hot Was the Cannon

Top je bio vreo

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2014
Duration: 90 min

Director: Slobodan Skerlić
Scenario: Slobodan Skerlić

Cast: Stanislav Ručnov, Anita Mančić, Muhamed Dupovac, Mugdim Avdagić, Kenan Musić, Slavko Štimac, Milica Mihajlović

Programme selection: National Class


During the siege of Sarajevo in 1994 a grenade fired from a nearby hill kills the parents of a ten year old boy. The boy loses his ability to speak. A neighbor lady adopts and takes care of him. The boy is thrown out from his destroyed apartment and he begins to prowl around the city with a schoolmate. Too early and too soon, he goes through the process of growing up. He learns the meaning of words such as force, death, sex. He learns how to achieve. He learns about the values. He learns what matters the most. The lady neighbor unsuccessfully tries to protect him, but the boy rushes to his own destruction. Death and suffering have become his everyday company.

Original language: Serbian
Subtitle: English
Producer: Tihomir Stanić
Production co: Drina Film