21/05/2009 18:21

Slow Days

Croatia, 2006, 102 min.
Director: Matija Klukovic
Cast: Višnja Pešić, Filip Šuster, Marija Kohn, Petra Težak, Nina Benović, Petra Kurtela, Predrag Raos, Asja Jovanović, Ivan Džaja
Selection: BALKAN BOX

The independent film Slow Days by young Croatian director Matija Klukovic will be presented at Film and Media Festival Cinema City. It was filmed over a period of three years and with its content, it gathers a great number of actors. By using collage technique, Slow Days presents more than twenty protagonists, showing what people who have too much spare time do.

Critics pronounced this film one of the best creations of contemporary Croatian cinematography.

Matija Klukovic was born in Zagreb in 1982. In 1999, he enters the world of film, first as an assistant and volunteer, then as a screenwriter and director of local authors' music videos. Slow Days is his first feature film.