15/06/2009 17:26


Critics jury of FIPRESCI Serbia at the second International Film and Media Festival Cinema City in Novi Sad, in the assembly: Sandra Perovic (Radio Television Serbia RTS), chairwoman, Vladimir Crnjanski (daily newspapers DNEVNIK) and Staša Jamušakov ( Radio Television Vojvodina RTV)

Award FIPRESCI SERBIA JURY OF CRITICS in the selection National Class to the film Wait For Me and I Will Not Come by screenwriter and director Miroslav Momcilovic, who with all the attributes needed for a wholesome and quality work, represents the model how a new reanimated Serbian film should be made. With the sincere and straightforward film expression, and a colourful behavioural spectrum of the gallery of characters, brilliantly portrayed by the acting ensemble, it is not hard to recognise how Momcilovic skilfully treats the topic of love, the topic about which we thought everything has already been said.

Special recognition by CRITICS JURY OF FIPRESCI SERBIA in the selection National Class to the film The Life and Death of a Porno Gang by screenwriter and director Mladen Djordjevic, who bravely moves the boundaries of theme and style in domestic film, in order to justify his coarse expression and wild energy in showing systematically and staggeringly the distorted world we live in, and at the same time, making an intelligent metaphor about socio pathological consequences of the 1990s in Serbia.

Award FIPRESCI SERBIA JURY OF CRITICS in the selection Exit Point to the film Kabuli Kid by Barmak Akram. As an unforgettable and striking portrait of Kabul's everyday life, this film depicts the spiritual superiority which surpasses the unimaginable horror of the twenty-five-year war in Afghanistan, which left more than fifty thousand orphans living on the streets, and the film is dedicated to them. It is a compassionate and touching story about indestructible love between a mother and her child, told with plenty of optimism and sophisticated humour.

Serbian Branch Fipresci Jury - Ivana Kronja (Novi filmograf, TFT), president, Nenad Dukić (II programme Radio-Belgrade) i Dejan Petrović (III programme Radio-Belgrade) - gives its

AWARD for the Best socially responsible film in main international competition programme Exit Point of Cinema City International Film Festival, Novi Sad 2009 to: ''Courting Condi'' by Sebastian Doggart, USA.

''Courting Condi'' by Sebastian Doggart in a creatively successful way combines fiction, documentary and musical film form to provide a multi-leveled analysis of contemporary American society and personality of former State Secretary in George Bush's administration, Ms Condoleezza Rice.