08/06/2008 12:44

Selection – Respect to Cuba


A selection called Respect to Cuba is dedicated to Cuban film, its development and recent production.
The centre of the development of the Cuban cinematography is Cuban Institute for Art and Film, founded in 1959. Cuban and Latin-American intellectual elite gathered around the institute and its common goal, which is creating the original film. The result is new wave in the history of Cuban cinematography, marked with the access to new technologies and realizations of active cooperation with foreign film houses. Directors who marked the renaissance phase of the Cuban cinematography are Juan Carlos Cremata, Arturo Sotto, Ian Padrón, Pavel Giroud, Lester Hamlet, Esteban Insausti...
Although not generational, Fernando Pérez is considered to be the youngest Cuban director for his modern esthetic principles, which is proven by his controversial Suite Habana.

Movies of Respect to Cuba Selection are going to depict the vision spirit, energy, and originality of the contemporary Cuban cinematography.