Archive Cinema City 2014.


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Duration: 22:27 min

Director: Saša Numić
Scenario: Saša Numić & Cesar Turim

Cast: Heather L.Tyler, Justin Ellings

Programme selection: California Dreaming


Hearing news that her 10-year-old son is being bullied because of his feminine long eyelashes, a single mother descends into a paranoid spiral of nightmares as she tries to protect him by trapping him inside.

Original language: English
Subtitle: Serbian
Producer: Tara Dales

Filmography: 2013 – SCAREMONGER /(U.S.A), 2012 – Who Killed Mickey Mouse/ (U.S.A), 2011 – A Matter Of Weird State/ (U.S.A), 2008 – Tripplets (Triznakinje) / (Serbia), 2004 – Tuesday (Utorak) (Serbia), 1999 – Forbidden Fruit (Zabranjeno voce)/ (Serbia)