25/06/2011 06:48

SAE workshops – a success!

The goal of SAE workshops was to teach young creative minds useful lesions in the field of film art, by applying themselves in practical work. The programme was created in cooperation with SAE Institute, the biggest private university for digital media. In the series of creative workshops, 10 participants go through basics of filmmaking – screenwriting, camera operating and editing of the recorded material. Through meticulous lectures and practical work “the students” had an opportunity to introduce themselves, with all the aspects of filmmaking, planning and equipment, which is essential and integral part of the process.

The first day was dedicated to finding an idea for the film, its elaboration into a script and all the details which are a part of a pre-production process. The first part of the programme on the second day was based more on exploring the technical process, studying how to use and set the exposition, using lens, setting the white balance and other technical details which remain integral parts of the shooting process. The second part of the programme was of a practical nature – creating a situation for shooting an interview, which was put together by the “students”. 

His impression on the workshops programme was shared with us by one of the participants, Goran Mirkovic: “I really like the programme, the lecturers are well versed, eloquent and yet approachable, treating us as equals, making communication that much easier. I also like the fact that lectures are in English, I haven’t noticed that anyone had a problem with that and I think that using the original vocabulary of the field is truly important factor.”

The final goal of the workshop is to create a unique film, titled “From Script to Screen – ASAP!”. Very successful moderator for the workshops is Stefan Randjelovic, Head of the Department of Film at SAE Institute in Dubai.