21/05/2010 06:30

Richie Hawtin's Making Contakt within Burn Planet Rock selection

A documentary on a tour, both unconventional and ambitious, named Contakt through which Minus celebrated its ten year anniversary. The tour spread over several continents and its most notable moments are included in 78 minutes long film which screens events from the first performance at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, where bass frequencies literally brought the house down. The show then moves on through a host of major cities before peaking with an awe-inspiring spectacle in Amsterdam and a memorable finale in Tokyo.

The film is a realistic raconteur of a tour and events behind the scenes, giving a unique insight into triumphs and near catastrophes. The film is directed by Richie Hawtin, Ali M. Demirel and Niamh Guckian.

This documentary presents performances of some of the brightest stars, like brilliant Richie Hawtin, Magda and many others and includes commentaries from the artists, friends and backroom staff who participated in making this tour possible.

A famous Novi Sad DJ Dee Face attended films premiere in Amsterdam:

The amount of energy Richies been giving all these years is amazing. I have a feeling that within him the desires and enthusiasm of first raves never died. Making Contakt is special since it represents original notes and a testimony on shifting the boundaries of live DJ performance. It carries a vision. A new concept of interactive entertainment. Films premiere at Amsterdam Dance Event was a unique experience since audience consisted of tour visitors from all over the world. It is incredible to see people who were influenced by one particular performance to such an extent that they expressed desire to come and see a film about it. If you wish to understand how Richies brain cogs work, then this film is the right choice for you. Richie Hawtin Jean Michel Jare of today.