09/05/2009 14:25

Rich Brother

Germany, 2009, 97 min.

Director: Insa Onken
Selection: Democracy/ Export-Import

The film by a German director Insa Onken, Rich Brother, shows “the Lion of Cameroon”, a young man, Ben, who tries to make it in life through a rough sport discipline – boxing. His goal is to become the world champion, because it is the only way that he will be able to live up to his family’s expectations. Without the title and the money, Ben does not want to return to Cameroon.

Ηe was the one his family chose to go to Europe, to make money, to come back as a successful man having made business contacts. With the help from Wolfgang, an unprofessional boxing coach, Ben sees his way through the cruel jungle on his career path. Under a lot of pressure, he loses his temper and their friendship breaks up. Soon after that, he starts losing his matches more and more often. At the moment when he wishes to give up on everything, he gets an opportunity to take part in a fight for the title of the world champion. At last he will be able to afford to return to Cameroon! It is no longer important to him how the fight will end, as long as he knows he will see people dearest to him again…

By showing different situations, Ben’s psychological conditions, wishes and ambitions, the director Insa Onken forms a complex portrait of a young man who really wants only one thing – normal living conditions for himself and his family.