31/05/2010 03:35

Retrospective of a Domestic Author - Miodrag (Mica) Popovic

This year’s Retrospective of a Domestic Author selection is dedicated to a painter and film author Miodrag (Mica) Popovic. Primarily recognized as a painter, Mica Popovic is also known as author of several cult classics belonging to poetics of “the black wave”. Two of his films, "The Man From the Oak Forest" and “The Tough Ones” were even banned by the government due to their “undesirable content”.

Retrospective of a Domestic Author selection will screen all five of his directorial achievements. These films made a mark in the poetics of “the black wave” which in itself is, from artistic point of view, considered as one of the most significant stages in the history of domestic cinematography. “Burdus”, “The Tough Ones”, “The Man From the Oak Forest”, “Hasanaga’s Wife” and “The Swarm” will be screened at Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.

The last film to be screened within this selection is a documentary “Censored Without Censorship” by Dinko Tucakovic and Milan Nikodijevic. The film speaks of the extraordinary epoch of Yugoslav film, called “the black wave”. Those who contributed in making of this film are Dusan Makavejev, Zivojin Pavlovic, Sasa Petrovic, Zelimir Zilnik, Lazar Stojanovic, Gordan Mihic, Branko Vucicevic, Tomislav Gotovac, Karpo Godina, Bato Cengić, Purisa Djordjevic, Slobodan Sijan and a number of film theorists and critics who, together with film authors, speak of harsh censorships and ideologies which crudely canceled so many consequential artistic careers of that period.