23/06/2012 11:27

Repertoire of the final day of the Festival

Serbian National Theatre

After the closing ceremony and award presentation at 20h, you can see a special screening of a multiple award-winning film signed by Ken Scott – “Starbuck”. The film presents a forty-two year old “teenager”, who, after finally deciding to take control of his life, discovers he is the biological father of 533 children! This remarkable and very funny film story will, though laughter and great atmosphere that marked all the previous days of the Festival officially close the fifth edition of the Cinema City.

Katolička porta open-air cinema!

During the eighth day of the Cinema City festival, at 21:15h do not miss the opportunity to see the repeat screening of Maja Miloš’s controversial award-winning film “Clip”. At the same location, at 23:15h is the screening of Santiago Mitre’s directorial debut, “The Student”, which is also one of the best contemporary Argentine achievements. It is a dynamic story of a disinterested student who becomes involved in student politics after winning over the sympathies of an assistant professor. It is a cleverly designed metaphor for political machinations occurring within the society.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

Today at this location, at 18:00h is a special screening of “Narcissus and Echo”, signed by our director and screenwriter Saša Radivojević.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4

Paul Kalkbrenner – A Live Documentary” will take you through the most prestigious European arenas, by telling a story of the famous Berlin DJ. We will stay within MTV presents Burn Planet Rock selection, and at 20:30h screen a film which will show us the problems a band deals with when making an album, “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”, a film about one of the most significant bands of all times. At 23:00h you will be able to see the cult Hungarian film, “Death Rode out of Persia”, which was screened at festivals in Rotterdam, Leeds and Torino.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

At 17:00h we will get to know Corvo, by way of one of the most beautiful documentaries in the last couple of years. “It’s the Earth Not the Moon”, which won numerous awards, including “Golden Gate” at San Francisco IFF, is a three-hour long adventure through the Atlantic. The film introduces us to a civilization over 500 years old, isolated in the middle of the Atlantic. Seductive, fearless and incredible Marina Abramović redefines the art of performance. At 21:00 you can see the repeat screening of “Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present”, a film which attracted great attention during its first screening. The last film to be screened at this year’s Cinema City is Portuguese “Blood of My Blood”, a love mosaic about a family without a father, in which the mother takes over the role of the “head” of the family. It is a successful and original example of a new form of realism that is becoming ever more popular across the globe. Rich in literary expressions and sincere emotions, supported by a very talented cast, this film won sympathies and awards at numerous international festivals.

N-joy the final day of the Cinema City 2012!

Cinema City