11/06/2010 08:05

Repeat screening of “Dreams” on Saturday

Mohamed Al-Daradji guest appearance and his new feature film “Son of Babylon” captivated the audience of Cinema City Festival. After the screening people were approaching him, asked questions, autographs, recognizing Al-Daradji’s art as an extraordinary way of raising voice for humanity and bravery, and that perseverence and creativity are worth wile. Al-Daradji didn’t let himself be hindered even by the most dangerous of circumstances. Him being so, he is a cause of resurrection of Iraqi cinematography and a reason for its progressive continuity; unfavorable political, social and economic conditions notwithstanding.

On Saturday, 8th day of the Festival, at Museum of Modern Art of Vojvodina, beginning at 18:00h, visitors will have a chance to see a repeat screening of “Dreams” (“Ahlam”). Mohamed Al-Daradji’s film debut pulls viewers into a horrible madness of occupied Baghdad in 2003. Multiple winner film follows destinies of three Iraqi men, while comparing similarities and differences of their lives during American occupation and Saddam’s brutal dictatorship. One of lead heroes, a loyal soldier named Ali, ends up in a mental institution after Saddam’s followers kidnapped his fiancée just before the wedding. During American bombing, the hospital is ruined and Ali embarks on a quest of finding missing patients… Faced with reality, the patients flee from local gangs, American soldiers and deadly bombs.

A special value of this film comes from the fact that film crew worked perseveringly despite continuous life threatening situations they had to endure during principal photography.