21/06/2017 09:47

Record number of 1,200 films applied for Cinema City Festival

At this year's Cinema City festival’s call for low-budget films a record number of applications from all across the world - over 1200!
One year ago when 500 films were applied, we were surprised because in the previous years about 200 films arrived. A big job is waiting to our selectors, and the number of applicants promises a good program at the festival.

The selection Up to 10,000 bucks is showing films of all types and genres - fiction, documentaries, animated, experimental and student film, all made with a budget of less than $10,000. For the last nine years, this program was presenting a creative mosaic of diverse contemporary ideas, challenges and insights marked by the original expression of filmmakers from all around the world.
The 10th edition of the Cinema City, together with the Festival uličnih svirača, Pop up (Berberaj & Public P), Scenatoria, Suburbium, Ugrip, Fruškać, Happy Trash Production, AAaaa festival, wiill become part of a new, wider initiative - Gradić fest - which is taking place from 1st to 3rd September in Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad.

All Cinema Citi festival programs will be free, and on the left side of Belgrade's Street visitors will enjoy a unique festival experience through carefully selected films of the newest production, made by young talents from all over the globe who are shaping the future of national and world cinema.

The Cinema Citi International Film Festival is organized by the Cinema Citi Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the City of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Religious Communities.