02/06/2016 07:02

Radio Dream or Reality? – Legendary Band Metallica Meets the First Afghan Rock Band Kabul Dreams

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Awarded at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival, Radio Dreams covers a big day for Pars Radio, a small radio station broadcasting from San Francisco in Persian. The legendary band Metallica is about to meet up for a jam session with Afghanistan's first rock band – Kabul Dreams. However, everyday life with its dry sense of humor interferes… Will one radio dream fully come true?

“Since ancient times, the lives of refugees, of those who were pushed into seeking their harbor from pain away from home, have challenged numerous authors, in literature, in cinema, in art. One thing is nonetheless certain - no one can tell their story more convincingly and with more reliability than those who themselves escaped, who fled from their homes looking for a new, better life for their children. In this new settlement, in moments of solitude, deep in their souls – refugees will recall their youth spent in the homeland, something that no longer exists, and invigorated by great joy – they will revive and turn back, if only for a moment, what is forever lost,” the 360° program selector Petar Protić says of Radio Dreams.

Multiple award-winning director Babak Jalali was born in Northern Iran in 1978, but has been living in London since 1986. His second feature film Radio Dreams received the Hivos Tiger Award at the eminent film festival in Rotterdam. Jalali is currently working in preproduction of his third feature film Land. He co-produced the award-winning film White Shadow, and the Cinema City audience remembers him as the producer of Short Skin, a film screened at the last year's Cinema City edition.

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