19/05/2009 17:00

Punk: Attitude

Great Britain/The USA, 2005, 97 min.
Director: Don Letts
Cast: Henry Rollins, Captain Sensible, Jim Jarmusch, Mick Jones, Jello Biafra, Darryl Jenifer
Selection: PLANET ROCK

Within the PLANET ROCK selection the visitors of the Cinema City Festival will have an opportunity to see an educational music documentary, Punk: Attitude, about the development of punk-rock music genre in America and Great Britain.

The film Punk: Attitude introduces us to the rich culture of an alternative music phenomenon through the characteristics of diverse styles, from the founding of the genre in the 60s, when garage and psychedelic punk bands ruled, like Count Five or The Stooges, through glam punk, such as New York Dolls, to New York and London scenes in the 70s, all the way to present, modern, essentially different, punk conception. Apart from the interviews with celebrities, the film is rich with visual records of the development of punk ideology, which evolves into a defined, controversial lifestyle.