30/04/2009 05:07

Promotion of Cinema City festival held

Special promotion of Cinema City festival took place on Monday, 27th April in Superspace Gallery in Belgrade. Press conference on the festival was held in fantastic atmosphere with the number of guests from the world of music and film, journalists and co-workers who were attending it. Cinema City party followed the conference, and the high point of the musical part of the event was provided by E-Play, a band from Belgrade, and DJ Filip with his brilliant performance.

The programme of this year's festival was presented at the conference, as well as the co-operation with Sarajevo Film Festival, and the film Technotise Edit and I by Aleksa Gajic, whose première will be at the Cinema City festival.

After the conference, there was a concert in which the third studio albumI'm Glad We Met by E-Play was presented as the official soundtrack of Cinema City festival. Numerous directors, actors, musicians, and journalists contributed to the great atmosphere at the party, where they all had an opportunity to socialise with Cinema City team.This promotion marked the official beginning of the campaign of Film and Media Festival Cinema City.