13/05/2012 12:43

Programme “Respect to Andreas Dresen” presents five marvelous film achievements

Cinema City Festival proudly presents a retrospective of one of the most significant contemporary German authors, Andreas Dresen, who will also be a guest of this year’s Festival.

The total of five achievements will be screened within the selection Respect to Andreas Dresen. The films in question were presented at some of the most significant European and world film festivals, winning major awards, critics’ awards and honest sympathy from the audience. Simple stories filled with warmth, humanity, intimacy, directed by Dresen, with excellent photography and selected cast, will be one of the most beautiful film experiences that the audience of Cinema City 2012 will get a chance to enjoy in.

Did you know that love can surprise you when you least expect it? Whether it be Cupid’s arrow or the game of Eros is irrelevant, but the passion of mythical proportions overcomes the body and soul of a sixty-year old Inge when she meets Karl, who is almost 16 years her senior. The story “Wolke 9” (Cloud 9) is a story about an (un)believable love, explosion of emotions, awakening of the powerful life force, which will not leave you indifferent!

Dresen’s achievement “Halbe Treppe” (Grill Point) will prove that miracles do happen, if we believe in them. Through a story of two friendly couples, Dresen shows how turbulent human relationships can be and how easy one’s routine can be broken. This multiple-award winner, with its original soundtrack and cast performance, is one of the most exciting film achievements brought to us in 2002.

What happens with ordinary people, whose paths cross in a night maze of Berlin, on the eve of the Pope’s visit? This is a question that will draw you into the story of another multiple-award winning film “Nachtgestalten”(Night Shapes). Crowned by numerous festival awards and recognitions (among those, Silver Bear for the best actor at Berlinale 1999, award in the best director category at Valladolid International Film Festival, recognition of German Film Critics Association for best film), this achievement represents a sharp and funny view of Berlin at the end of the twentieth century.

Whisky mit Wodka” (Whiskey with Vodka) had several nominations, and received the award in the category best director at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Through sophisticated sensibility, and with light, laconic humour, the film speaks of loneliness and aging, real possibilities and dreams, big lies and small lies, etc. The screenplay is signed by Wolfgang Kohlhaase, confirming once more a very successful cooperation with Dresen after their multi-awarded winner “Summer in Berlin”.

Dresen’s “Halt auf freier Strecke” (Stopped on Track) received Un Certain Regard recognition at Cannes Film Festival in 2011. An incredibly powerful story about death celebrating life with full force, shows a good looking forty-year old Frank, who is suddenly diagnosed with a critical illness. Without containing dark elements, this film, made while using the principle of a documentary reconciles us with the fact that death is a part of life, as much as the birth.