28/05/2009 05:01

Première at the Festival: Wait for Me, I Definitely Won’t Come

On Saturday, June 13th at 8pm, at Cinema City festival, we will be able to see the first screening of the film Wait for Me, I Definitely Won’t Come by Miroslav Momčilović. The film will première at Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.

It is a bitter-sweet drama about an unusual love pentangle involving the five main characters, which will be shown within the National Class selection and will compete for the award in the following categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Photography and Best Editing.

Miroslav Momčilović is the director, the producer and the script writer of the film Wait for Me, I Definitely Won’t Come. He had the same roles for his last film Seven and a Half (2006) which consisted of seven parts and covered seven deadly sins of the citizens of New Belgrade. The location of his new story is the same but this time it is about unrequited loves of a group of young people. Main characters are played by Branislav Trifunović, Gordan Kičić, Milica Mihajlović, Miloš Samolov and Vanja Ejdus. Mirjana Karanović, Petar Božović, Danica Maksimović have supporting roles in the film.

Alek (Gordan Kičić) is heartbroken because he was dumped, after a three-year relationship, by Teodora (Milica Mihajlović). He is suffering, is morose and pathetic and has daily self-pitying sessions with his friend Bane (Miloš Samolov). Disregarding Bane’s advice, Alek keeps calling Teodora who has in the meantime fallen in love with Nemanja (Branislav Trifunović). Problem is, Nemanja hasn’t fallen in love with her but with Marina (Vanja Ejdus), a younger girl, instead. Unfortunately, Marina is not in love with him but is rather attracted to Marko. She does not know that his ‘desperate charm’ is a result of his split with Teodora. She believes that it is part of Alek’s personality. Each of them would do anything to be with the person who does not desire them. Thus a vicious circle is created within which people yearn for each other and torture each other in turn. The centre of the circle is Bane as a witness of all their emotional pride and failures.

‘Topic of this film is human obsession with happiness that is supposed to be secured by another person. That is what we call ‘need for love’. This is a story about the states of mind people experience when that love is denied’, Miroslav Momčilović says about his new film.

The director says that his inspiration comes from the pathological states of mind that people develop because of the opposite sex. ‘Happiness in love is not just a mere phrase. It has its basis in physiology. People who are in love secrete endorphin, the happiness hormone. The level of the hormone decreases over time until it finally disappears. The man then goes back to the ‘normal’ life, which seems empty and senseless. This state of mind is today called ‘emotional addiction’. ‘Quitting’ love is the same as quitting smoking or another drug. It is no coincidence that certain conservative thinkers considered such state of mind to be an illness. And yet, who among us has never been ‘ill’? Most of us would do anything to ‘fall ill’ again. Therefore I consider this topic relevant enough for a film.’