31/05/2009 15:53

Première at the festival: Someone is Still Waiting

Visitors of the Cinema City festival will be able to see the première of Marko Novaković’s film Someone is Still Waiting within the National Class selection. Première showing of the film will take place on Tuesday, June 20th, at 8 pm, at the big hall of the Serbian National Theatre.

Socio-pathological story talks about four women who are fighting for their dignity, integrity and the right of a mother to a decision: to bear a child or to end a life. Their lives, intermingled with coincidences, speak about the abortion but also about the status of women in general, regardless of their social status.

The film consists of three stories: ‘Hall’, ‘Trip’ and ‘Water’. ‘Hall’ tells the story of two middle aged women, coming from different social backgrounds, who meet in the hall of a clinic while coming for an abortion. The unusual meeting raises questions and makes them reconsider their decisions.

‘Trip’ takes place in a small village in Serbia and talks about a mother who is taking her daughter to have an illegal abortion done. On their way to the ‘doctor’ we follow the conflict between the conservative and the traditional views of the mother, who is against unmarried pregnancy, and the desire of the young woman to have a child. ‘Water’ tells the story of a young woman who while imprisoned thinks back to the tragic events which caused her to kill her husband. A police car takes her to a clinic to have his child aborted…