31/05/2009 16:07

Première at the Festival : ORDINARY PEOPLE

Visitors of the Film and Media Festival Cinema City will be able to see the first feature film by Vladimir Perišić’s, Ordinary people within the National Class selection. Preparations for the film had been going on for a few years in Serbian-French-Swiss co production. Première showing of the film will take place on Sunday, June 7th, at 8pm, at the big hall of the Serbian National Theatre.

A group of young soldiers are drafted and without being told anything, are transported to an unknown location. 22-year-old Jonny, who has trouble fitting in, is among the recruits. Jonny is fruitlessly attempting to find out what is expected of them. Soon afterwards a group of scared men is driven to the same place by bus. Their commander tells them that those are the enemy prisoners and the soldiers realize that they will see action soon.

The director of the film Ordinary People, Vladimir Perišić, studied directing in Paris. His graduation film Dremano Oko (Slumbering Eye) was chosen for the Cinefoundation selection in Cannes in 2003. The film also won a young film talent award at the Munich Film School Festival, award for best collaboration director- director of photography at the festival Festival européen de court métrage in Brest, and the awards of both jury and the audience at the festival Rencontre du moyens métrage in Brive.

Main roles in Perišić’s début Ordinary People are played by Boris Isaković, Relja Popović and Miroslav Stevanović.