30/05/2009 05:16

Première at the festival: Autumn in My Street

Début feature film Autumn in My Street, directed by Miloš Pušić from Novi Sad, will première at the Cinema City festival on Wednesday, 10th of June, at 8 pm in the big hall of the Serbian National Theatre.

At the Cinema City festival the film, an original story of growing up and friendship set in the suburbs of Novi Sad, will be shown in the National Class selection competing for the awards in the following categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Photography and Best Editing.

Autumn in My Street is a story about Promaja and Kuče, twenty years old, who are just hanging round one of the remote suburbs of Novi Sad. While trying to get the money to go to the seaside for the first time since primary school, they will show us the underworld of Detelinara and its ignored and forgotten parts of society. Everything points to it being just another autumn day. However, on their seemingly innocent way they will experience a moment which will change their lives forever. Main roles are played by the young actors Filip Đurić, Nikola Spasojević, Milica Trifunović and Nađa Dobanović, editing is done by Ivan Knežević and photography by Aleksandar Ramadanović.

Miloš Pušić, who was the director, script writer and the producer of the film Autumn in My Street, had previously directed two short documentary films: Tag and Lullaby for a Boy. The latter was shown at 25 festivals around the world and won the award for the best film in the Up to 10,000 Bucks category at last year’s Cinema City festival.