25/05/2008 10:28

Peppermint Candy in Retrospective of a Foreign Author Selection

South Korea/Japan, 1999, 129 min
: Lee Chang-dong
Cast: Kim Yeo-jin, Sol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri
Awards: Best Actor (Sol Kyung-Gu), Special Jury Prize, Bratislava International Film Festival, 2000, Grand Bell Award, Grand Bell Awards, South Korea, 2000, Don Quijote Award, Netpac Award - Special Mention, Special Prize of the Jury, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2000; nominations: Grand Prix, Bratislava International Film Festival, 2000., Grand Prix Asturias, Gijón International Film Festival, 2000., Crystal Globe, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2000.
Selection: Retrospective of a Foreign Author

The second movie made by worldwide renowned South Korean director Lee Chang-dong, called Bakha Satang (Peppermint Candy), is going to be shown in Retrospective of a Foreign Author Selection. This movie drew attention already after its initial projections, especially in film festivals. The first projection of the movie was in 1999, and it was at the opening of International Film Festival Pusan. After that, the movie was multiply awarded in Karlovy Vary Festival, and it won Grand Bell Award in Grand Bell Festival in South Korea.

The movie begins with a suicide of the protagonist Yong-ho. Then, through retrospectives, it investigates the key events in his life in the past twenty years which lead him to such an action. The story is shown through a series of flashbacks. The first flashback is based on events only few days before his suicidal act. We see the main character how he stands up to his boss, then a fight with his ex wife follows, and then a surprising visit from a husband of Sun-im, his great love from teenage years, who tells him that she is ill…

Flashbacks that bring us further to Yong-ho’s past follow, gradually shedding light to problems, emotional crises, complicated human relations and circumstances that gradually through life turned the main character into a violent villain, and drove him to the suicide…