01/04/2011 04:44

Pedja’s Film Collection presents Chaplin’s “City Lights”

City Lights” is a romantic comedy, written, directed and starring Charlie Chaplin. Virginia Cherrill and Harry Myers are also starring. Although sound films were invented in the late 1920s, Chaplin’s silent film received huge popularity after its premiere in 1931. Today this film stands as one of the most significant achievement of Chaplin’s career. Although defined by the comedy genre, the final scene is considered one of the most stirring in the history of cinematography. “City Lights” is a story of a tramp fighting to help a young blind flower girl with whom he falls in love with.

With his characteristic moustache, big shoes, baggy pants, a cane and a derby hat, this unforgettable film artist made a lasting impression on the first half of the 20th century cinematography. Despite his childhood hardships, Chaplin managed to become one of the most significant names in the history of film art. Born in London in 1889, his first contact with the audience was at the age of five. He shot his first film in February 1914. During that same year, he shot the total of 35 films. The versatility of his talent can easily be recognized in the fact the he acted, wrote, directed and produced his films, adding composing to the list in later years. He is the author of a unique film character, an extraordinary tramp and a member of the poor, highly intelligent, always ready to outwit the rich and charm the ladies.