05/05/2009 16:54


Mexico, 2008, 86 min.
Director: Enrique Rivero
Cast: Nolberto Coria, Nancy Orozco, Tesalia Huerta
Awards: FIPRESCI Prize, Golden Leopard, Locarno International Film Festival, 2008; International Debut Award, Göteborg Film Festival, 2008; Coral, Grand Coral - First Prize, Havana Film Festival, 2008; Best New Director, Manuel Barba Award, Huelva Latin American Film Festival, 2008; Golden Crow Pheasant, Kerala International Film Festival, 2008; Audience Award, Best Latin-American Film, Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival, 2008; Special Mention, Miami Film Festival, 2008; Best Director, Best Actor, Golden Montgolfiere, Nantes Three Continents Festival, 2008; Audience Award, Valdivia International Film Festival, 2008; nominations: Horizons Award - Special Mention, San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2008.

Multiple award-winning film (total of fifteen world awards and one nomination) by the director Enrique Rivero, called PARQUE VÍA will be shown at Film and Media Festival Cinema City in the NEW LATINO CINEMA selection.

The main character is Beto, a custodian who lives in Mexico City. He maintains the house which was abandoned years ago. The solitude of the last ten years, as well as the monotony and routine of his job have made him lead a secluded life. He has developed a pathological fear for the exterior, to the point of limiting his contacts to only two people: the owner of the house, for whom he has a feeling of deep gratitude and respect, and Lupe, a friend, a confidant and a lover. News that the house is to go on sale causes a dilemma for Beto, who doesn’t know whether to dare to set forth and live or to seek a way of remaining in his confinement.