14/04/2010 05:44


Multiple winner “Paprika” by world renowned director Satoshi Kon will be screened within Animatrix selection at Cinema City Film and Media festival. Japanese SF anima is based on a novel published in 1993 by SF author and actor Yasutaka Tsutsui.

Named after the main female character, film “Paprika” brings us into not so distant future, in a time when revolutionary and radical psychotherapy treatment is discovered. Doctor Chiba Atsuko, a scientist prodigy during the day, at night, in her dreams, becomes a beautiful warrior named Paprika. In this psychedelic SF adventure, she will need the strength and skill of both her personalities in order to save the world.

Thanks to the newly developed “psycho” device called “DC Mini”, it is possible to enter human dreams and explore hidden subconscious symbols, which can contribute in treating the mentally ill. However, before the government granted the use of this advanced device, one of the prototypes was stolen. The investigators are aware that in the wrong hands the potential of the device can be disastrous because, if used for the wrong purpose, the device can completely destroy individual’s personality traits. Theft of the secret experiment is the beginning of an adventure for our doctor Chiba Atsuko, who enters the dream world under exotic alter-ego Paprika, in order to uncover the who stands behind the inhumane conspiracy and who wants to undermine the power of the new invention.

Besides interesting story and superb animation, the attraction of this film also lies in the music, composed by Susumu Hirasawa. This renown Japanese electro-pop artist collaborated successfully with Kon on several occasions – he composed sountrack for multiple winner “Millenium Actress” and for equally successful TV show “Paranoia Agent”.