30/06/2015 12:33

Over 5,000 visitors on the first day of Cinema City

The eighth Cinema City IFF opened last night, on June 29 at 20h in fully packed China Town, halls and open air cinemas. The opening was also marked by the long-awaited national premiere of Panama, and great concerts of Jarboli and Darkwood dub. Five films were screened in five different locations. Today’s film, music, and accompanying programmes are a logical continuation of yesterday’s excitements. We will once again screen last night’s films, and representatives of the National Class Enclave and Marked, then Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & SupermarketsGoob, and wrap up the evening with the concerts of Threesome and Ragman.

Last night, China Town and Limanski Park were packed to the last seat, when the 8th Cinema City was officially open. The opening ceremony took place on Planet Rock Music Stage in China Town, immediately before the premiere of Panama. The audience was greeted by Mina Padežanin project manager, Milan Stojanović, programme director, and Miloš Ignjatović, director of the festival. Milan Stojanović presented Dubravka Lakić the Award for contribution to the Cinema City festival, while Tatjana Žeželj, producer of Panama presented Professor Feti Dautović with the Award for contribution to the national cinema. The long-awaited national premiere of Panama took place in SKCNS Fabrika. Although the space was too small to accommodate all those interested in seeing this film, those who were most patient were awarded eventually. We even put additional seats in the hall to ensure that as many people as possible saw the film. At the same time, the great Italian comedy Short Skin about a lovelorn teenager was screened at Amstel Open Air, with audience from all over the park coming to watch it. Love’s a Bitch opened the new selection Respect to First Films before the fully-packed hall of Quarter Indoor Cinema, while those interested in music and music documentaries stayed on the cobblestones of China Town and watched Finding Fela, which was a great intro to the concerts of Jarboli and Darkwood dub at the Planet Rock Music Stage.

We will start the overview of the second day of Cinema City with the repertoire of Fabrika Indoor Cinema, where at 15:30h you can see the repeat screening of excellent Italian comedy Short Skin about sexual frustrations of a teenager and his emotional coming of age. This film captivated the audience at the opening of the festival, so if you missed it on Monday, don’t miss it today. At this same location at 17:30 we will screen Alex Gibney’s documentary Finding Fela, which gives a portrayal of the life, music, and social and political engagement of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. This Academy Award-winning director explores the controversial life, great music, and undisputed cultural and political influence of the legendary creator of afrobeat.

At 20h don’t miss Goran Radovanović’s Enclave, a story about a ten-year-old boy from a Serbian enclave in Kosovo, who in order to bury his grandfather must cross the enemy line in deeply divided war-torn Kosovo. The question is whether he will be able to find a friend on the other side, among members of the Muslim majority. This drama from the National Class selection will be followed at 22h by an exciting Bulgarian film Lesson, which reaped awards at the festivals in San Sebastian, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, and Göteborg. This film follows an honest and hard-working professor who is forced to cross the line in order to avoid financial ruin, which is in complete opposite to what she teaches her pupils.

The screenings in Quarter Indoor Cinema will start at 15:30 with excellent documentary feature Felvidek: Caught in Between, which deconstructs the history that continues to plague the people whose fates were affected by the events following the Second World War. From 18h to 20h you can check out creative low-budget accomplishments from Up to 10,000 Bucks: Maria’s Episode, Merry-Go-Round, Ana Square, Oh, it’s no big deal, Alone, and A Splendid Affair, and at 20h you can see Diamond Tongues from the captivating 360° selection. This is a dramatic comedy about a young actress, insecurities, uncertainties, unhealthy competition, and almost everything else written between the lines. At 22h is the screening of Saša Radojević’s melodrama Marked.

The summer ambience of an open air cinema has always had a special charm. So don’t miss to see Goob at Amstel Open Air Cinema in Limanski Park at 20:45. In this English drama we will meet a maladjusted teen whose life will make a U-turn after a young pumpkin picker Iva comes to his town, which has been devastated by heat. Finding strength in her flirting comments, Goob dreams of a better world. The long awaited film biopic of music icon and founder of the grunge subgenre – Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck will screen at 22:45h. Raw and highly intimate journey through Cobain’s life and career from the perspective of his recordings, works of art, photographs, and diaries will live no one untouched.

In Firchie Think Tank Studio you can see Srdan Golubović’s Circles at 22h. This film won the best film award at Cinema City 2013.

Tuesday night at Cinema City will remain faithful to great music and film – at 21h you can see Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets, which will open the Tuesday programme at the Planet Rock music stage & Open Air Cinema. Immediately after, you can enjoy the surf sounds and great concerts of Threesome and Ragman.

The gates of the festival will open in China Town and Limanski Park at 15h.

Inside the festival centre we will hold Mini film – film workshop for children and the youngsters, a free educational programme for children aged 7 to 14, designed to popularize film art with the youngest audience. The films made in this workshop will be screened during the closing of the festival at Planet Rock Music Stage. From 18h you can hang out with the crew of Panama.

We ask our visitors to come to the festival on time and get their seats for desired screenings, since only Cinema City SUPER ticket reserves special, i.e. certain seats for each screening; so be among the first there and get yourself a seat.

The festival has prepared an abundance of attractions in film, music, and accompanying programmes. Even if you fail to get your seat for a desired screening, you can take a stroll to other festival zones and check out something else from our film programme, or chill in the Food and Lounge festival zone.

Other important info on Cinema City:

Where is the info desk with information about the programme of the festival, and what are opening hours? The info desk is located at the entrance to the festival zone in Limanski Park, and will be open from noon till midnight.

Where are the press and guest desks, what are their opening hours? The press and guest desks are located at the entrance to the festival zone in China Town, and will be open from 10h to 22h.

Where is the Box Office and where can vouchers be replaced for tickets? In addition to Gigs tix points of sale, you can also purchase tickets at the entrances to the festival zone in Limanski Park and China Town. You can replace your vouchers for bracelets at these two festival locations. Opening hours of festival Box Office are from 14h to 02h.

Where is visitor parking lot? Below the Liberty Bridge and in Šekspirova St. Despota Stefana Boulevard will be closed.

Where is bicycle parking lot? Bicycle parking lot is at both entrances to Limanski Park and in front of Kukuriku.

When is the street closed for traffic? From 19h to 01h on work days, and from 19h to 03h on the weekend.

Which locations are pet friendly? Pet friendly locations are open air cinemas in China Town and Limanski Park.