09/05/2008 16:08

Official Closing of the Open Contest of up to 10 Grand


According to the main coordinator of the Up to $10.000 program, Dina Vukovic, on 5th of May, 2008, the open contest for the mentioned selection is closed, with the expected success.

During the open contest, 102 movies from all over the world have been applied, 48 of them form Serbia.

The list of movies that have been chosen to the selection is to be revealed by the end of the month by director Tolnai Szabolcs, the main selector of Up to 10,000 bucks program.

Born in 1971 in Subotica, he studied at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, department of direction. Between 1991-1995, and 1999-2001 he lived in Budapest.

In Hungary he worked on movies (as a director, assistant, screenplay writer) as well as on documentaries and TV shows about culture on Dunav Television.

When he returned to the country, he was a founder and selector of film and music program Young Authors of Europe in European Film Festival in Palic (with Petar Mitric).

He is also known as one of the re-founders of Kino Club Novi Sad, an organization that helps the work and development of young authors from Serbia. Together with them, he starts a festival of the independent film, Film Front.

In the first National Festival of Serbia, he won the award for best direction and best sound for a movie Hourglass that was made in Serbian-Hungarian-Montenegrin co-production. The same movie won the award for best photography in National Festival of Hungary.

His movies and documentaries were shown in numerous festivals and he won many awards. Now he is working on the international premiere of his last movie. Lately, he has been participating on the movies of younger generation also as a producer.

He lives in Palic.