Archive Cinema City 2014.

Off the Beaten Track

Genre: Music | Documentary
Country: Portugal
Year: 2013
Duration: 60 min

Director: João Pedro Moreira

Programme selection: Planet Rock


Off The Beaten Track is the documentary that tells the incredible story of four unlikely musicians over the past year, as they travel to Luanda, Caracas, Paris, India, London and the Lisbon suburb of Amadora to show how these cities, as well as their sounds, people, colours and movement helped create the phenomenon that is Buraka Som Sistema. With the full support of Red Bull Music Academy and the talented illustration work of artist Kate Moross, join Lisbon’ most unusual band on a trip around the world and back to the studio. Directed by João Pedro Moreira, Off The Beaten Track brings together all of the elements that make Buraka’s story so unique and blends them with exclusive international, never-before-seen footage for an incredible, wild ride that offers an insiders view of life in one of the most colourful and innovative bands around.

Original language: Portuguese, English
Subtitle: Serbian, English
Producer: Pedro Trigueiro
Production co: Enchufada