11/05/2008 10:09

Nothing Personal (NICHEGO LICHNOGO) in Exit Point Selection

Moscow, 2007, 92 min
Direction: Larisa Sadilova
Cast: Valeri Barinov, Zoya Kaidanovskaya, Marina Leonova, Natalia Kochetova, Alexander Kliukvin, Shukhrat Ergashev
Awards: FIPRESCI in International Film Festival in Moscow, 2007; for best actress - Moscow Premieres, 2007; a special jury award – BAKU FILM Festival, Azerbaijan, 2007; award for best actress - The Russian Film Critics’ Guild, 2008
Selection: Exit Point

Nothing Personal, a high-quality drama made by Russian director Larisa Sadilova, is going to be shown within Exit Point, the international film selection. The movie had its premiere in International Film Festival in Moscow, 2007, and won the prestigious FIPRESCI award. The European premiere was in January 2008 in a film festival in Rotterdam.

Nothing Personal shows a private detective Zimin, who gets a new assignment – an order to watch a flat. He places his cameras and wiretaps very carefully and skillfully, and successfully begins with watching his new target. Two young women live in the flat; one of them is called Irina. She is a pharmacist, and the other one is a certain blonde. Fulfilling his duty, he gradually gets to know them and learns about their problems. Watching them, Zimin turns to himself. In one moment, he realizes that the life and problems of the young girls remind him of his own life that seemed completely carefree up to that point.

Larisa Sadilova is a director, screenplay writer and actress. She was born in Briansk. She graduated acting at Film Institute in Moscow (VGIK), in the class of Sergey Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Her first role on the big screen was in Gerasimov’s movie Lev Tolstoy. She also acted in movies such as Night, directed by Gennadi Sidorov (1990) and I Can’t Forget, Can’t Forgive, directed by N. Repin (1990).

In 1998, she made her director debut with a movie called Happy Birthday. She participated in many festivals with this movie. With Love, Lilly (2002) is her second movie that was shown in Rotterdam Festival in 2003, where she won Tiger award. The movie also brought an award to Marina Zubanova in the category of best actress in Brussels International Film Festival (2003), and to Sadilova the prestigious Grand Prix in Warsaw International Film Festival (2003). After that, in 2005, she directed a movie called Babysitter Required.