03/07/2015 16:00

Not to miss during the fifth day of Cinema City

Vuk Ršumović’s multiple award-winning film “No One’s Child“, inspired by a true story about a feral boy found among wolves in Bosnian mountains in 1988, will screen at 15:30h at SKCN Fabrika Indoor Cinema. After this, starting at 18h, you can see the repeat screening of Irish comedy “You’re Ugly Too” about an endearing duo, an uncle and his niece, who are trying to be a normal family in an atypical environment. Award-winning documentary “Naked Island”, which tries to reveal secrets and tell true stories of Goli otok, will be screened at 20h, and “Young Poet”, about the search for inspiration and perfect lyrics, at 22h. This film was directed by Demien Manivel, who is guest of this year’s Festival.

In Quarter Indoor Cinema at 15:30, you can see the repeat screening of Tamara Drakulić’s “Ocean”, while the timeslot from 18h to 20h is once again reserved for Up to 10,000 Bucks selection: Falling Girl, Flowers of evil, The Working Dead, Hiking Trip, and Bright Future My Love. At 20h you can see Canadian film Kung Fu Elliot, and at 22h Pedro Almodóvar’s debut feature “Peppi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls like Mom”, which will be screened as part of the selection Respect to First Films.

Black comedy “Little Buddho”, which is part of two selections; National Class and Fresh Danube Films, will screen at Amstel Open Air Cinema, at 20:45. At 23:00 you can see controversial Dutch film “Necktie Youth” from the 3600 selection.

Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema will open at 21h, with a film about one of the most popular festivals in Novi Sad - “Street Musicians”, after which the visitors will get to see “Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay” the first film that explores the origins of industrial music. The film programme will be wrapped up by great sounds from Baseline duo: DJ Flip and Rasheed.

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay // Official Trailer from Amélie Ravalec on Vimeo.

Firchie Think Tank studio will screen Brankica Drašković’s film about Slobodan Tišma at 22h, while the repertoire at SKCNS Brod Teatar will start at 21h with the screening of Ivan Ikić’s “Barbarians”. This award-winning film will be accompanied by chosen few from the Up to 10,000 Bucks selection: My soul hurts tonight, Within, Evening with radio (#5. Musical diary), With many things to come, The Last Act, and Devil in Miss Jones.