21/05/2016 05:09

Ninth Edition of the Cinema City Festival from June 25 to July 2

See you @ Creative Quarter

The ninth edition of the Cinema City Film Festival will be held this year from June 25 to July 2 at a unique location in Novi Sad, the Creative Quarter, which comprises Limanski Park and Chinatown! As always, our visitors will have the opportunity to take pleasure in the uncompromising and unconventional film selection presented through 4 originally designed categories. The key concept of the program is based on the promotion of debut and second films, and young film talents from the country, the region and all over the world, as well as on an outstanding musical program which will introduce our visitors to some of the most important regional indie stars.

The films will be presented through four film selections. The National Class program will bring a selection of the first and second accomplishments of local authors, a substantial testimony to the development of a new wave in the Serbian cinema, while the extremely conscientiously selected arthouse films from the Danube region will justify the growing popularity of the Fresh Danube Films selection. We are absolutely confident that the program Up to 10,000 Bucks presenting the best low-budget films will be exceptionally rich and attractive, as this year's call for entries has elicited a record response – as many as 500 film registrations from all over the world! The panoramic view of the most stupendous film hits from around the world, which the audience of the prestigious international festivals particularly loved, will be displayed within the program 360° – one of the most popular selections of the Cinema City festival.

Chinatown and Limanski Park, the completely new festival locations of the previous Cinema City edition, will also be the festival venues in 2016, which clearly proves the need for alternative art spaces where the worth of the independent film and artistic expression in general are uncompromisingly appreciated. Revitalized from an industrial area into the art district, Chinatown and Limanski park, permeated by non-populist film and music contents, will once again become the oasis of genuine film buffs, art lovers, and all those who want and value the freedom to choose, and the possibility to see new contents, different from those imposed by the cultural globalization of everyday life.

Therefore, come join us to revive together the spirit of the great 2015 festival edition, which we remember for a record number of visits to the open-air cinema in Limanski park, and the impromptu reprise screenings of the particular achievements as a response to the burning interest of our visitors to see those achievements once again; we remember the last year’s festival for the groovy atmosphere surrounding the potent budding music scene, holding up side by side with the legendary bands of the local scene, as well as for the 35,000 of cinema fans who visited the festival, and who remain our greatest source of inspiration and motivation to persevere in our intent to promote debut films and talented filmmakers whom we see as the future of the world cinematography.

In the meantime, take a look at the video below evoking the fabulous atmosphere of the last year's Cinema City! All details about the new edition of the Festival will soon be released on our official website.

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