25/08/2013 15:41

New programme selection FILM IT LOUD and educational platform CINEMA YOUTH

One of the new programme selections of the Cinema City festival is “Film it LouD”, which the result of the eponymous project aimed at connecting music with film. Numerous workshops organized under the “Cinema Youth” programme and carried out by seasoned professionals, lectures held by experts from the European Union, and practical work embodied in a film dedicated to a music and film event will provide the opportunity for young film professionals or students from Serbia and Croatia to show their talent, and expand their knowledge and art.

This project is a cooperation between DORF festival from Croatia and Cinema City festival from Novi Sad. It is supported by IPA Cross-border programme Croatia-Serbia and financed by the European Union. The project will last one year, during which time numerous activities will be held during the festivals and after them.

Visitors of both festivals will have a chance to enjoy the “Film it LouD” film selection and better acquaint themselves with Serbian and Croatian music scenes. “Film it LouD” was created in order to open new possibilities for young people from the world of music and film, connect music and film scenes of these two countries, allow cooperation and establishment of new creative and fruitful friendships. This selection is signed by Director of DORF festival, Toni Šarić. It will screen the following films: “The Blockade” directed by Igor Bezinović, “Bosanoga (An Entirely Accidental Death)” by Morana Komljenović, “Jazz Apartment (or how the Last Minute Open Jazz Festival came to be)” directed by Biljana Čakić-Veselič and Tomislav Lovrlo Pavleka, “How We Entered Europe – The SexA Case” by Ines Pletikos, and documentary “Punchke” by Marinko Marinkić and Filip Meštrović.

''Cinema Youth'' is a compact, intensive programme, made of narrowly-focused workshops and lectures, with a clear topic: “the road to and from” the first feature film. This programme will present both experienced authors and professionals and young and upcoming names and lecturers, who will cover all questions, from finding the right story and its core, script and project development, presentation, conventional system of funding, strategies for finding alternative means of funding, to production structure and management, artistic cooperation, camera and editing concepts, traditional and innovative distribution channels, and practical experiences with new film technologies and tendencies. The lectures and workshops will be accompanied by presentations of important European initiatives and organizations, such as the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Serbian Film Commission, and organization Croatia Goes Cross-media.

As part of the “Film it LouD” project, “Cinema Youth” provides a platform and is the first step in the networking of young authors and professionals from the region in the essential phase of their careers. The “Cinema Youth” programme will allow the participants to learn and share different artistic views along the banks of the Danube, owing to eminent lecturers from the region and Fresh Danube Films concept, which has been recognized by the European Cultural Foundation.

As a special part of the “Cinema Youth” programme, a three-day workshop will be held by renowned director of the Black Wave movement, Želimir Žilnik, who will play host to a group of young authors, and share his experiences in producing low-budget films.

“Cinema Youth” offers new films, new approaches and new points of view.