10/05/2010 05:35

New Croatian Cinema: "Metastases"

During last productions year, this film imposed itself as a successful psychological study of a group of urban outcasts, marked by numerous scars inflicted by Croatian reality. The thing that singles out this film is Schmidt’s impeccable sense of directing, who managed to convincingly combine fictional and documentary components. Branko Schmidt’s film easily found its way into last year’s Croatian favorites since he managed to create a modern, dynamic Zagreb version of “Trainspotting”. He skillfully delved into vivisection of diseased social fabric (a common theme in his last three films), with deep insight into the state of society after the war in Croatia, while pointing out that destinies and natures of Serbs and Croats are more alike than either are willing to admit. Consequences of war, drug addiction, corruption, family violence, alcoholism, nationalism and general poverty are constant reminders from which there is no escape. Everything is there, in only forty eight hours and with four main characters, former soldiers, now lost souls that no one needs, not even “Dinamo”, a club whose games they still visit, if only to run riot by habit. Their world is a derelict suburb, cafes full of people during work hours, women gold diggers, betting parlors, beer, stupefying soap operas, games of chance which instill false hopes into the hearts of the poor.

Dubravka Lakic, Selector of international programme CCIFF