07/05/2010 02:58

New Croatian Cinema at Cinema City Festival

Selection “Tribute: New Croatian Cinema” will, at this year’s Cinema City Festival held in Novi Sad from 5-12 June, present audience with seven new achievements coming from one of the most interesting and most dynamic cinematographies in the region.

Croatian actor, director and producer, Dejan Acimovic, will present his feature film “I Have to Sleep, My Angel”, a love story and a drama of a family living in a small Herzegovinian village in the seventies. This selection will also screen his documentary “Go For It”, about blind Croatian athlete and paralympic, Petar Beslic. The film is a unique guide through the world of the blind, but also through places where our own fears from different are hidden.

A romantic comedy “I Believe in Angels”, by director Niksa Svilicic, was voted by audience to be the best film at Pula Film Festival. A story about a postman, one of most favorite people in a small island village who, incidentally, knows all of residents’ secrets since he’s been secretly opening their correspondence, quickly became the most popular film in Croatia last year. A controversial multiple winner, “The Blacks” directed by Goran Devic and Zvonimir Juric, shows some of the darkest aspects of Croatian war, presenting monstrosities done by special military unit on a secret mission during armistice. Antonio Nuic’s “Donkey” takes place in summer of 1995 when lead hero Boro with his wife Jasmina and son Luka visits Drinovci village for the first time after seven years. During those two weeks, Boro, played by Nebojsa Glogovac, will manage to resolve a conflict he had with his brother (Emir Hadzihafisbegovic) and to learn how to be a better father and husband, with one donkey “playing” and important part in the story.

Omnibus “Zagreb Stories” is signed by eleven Croatian authors, and presents excellent model of a well-balanced collective work of authors. Film’s producer is Boris T. Matic, a well known name in Croatian cinematography, who also produced “The Border Post”, “Donkey”, “Buick Riviera” and many others. Branko Schmidt’s “Metastasis” was a winner at 38th FEST and is also a winner of Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival in 2009. The film follows destinies of four friends from a neighbourhood in Zagreb, who can’t seem to manage to integrate themselves into society.

Presenting most recent Croatian film production, Cinema City Festival wants to draw attention to one of the most dynamic cinematographies in this region.

“Judging by the number of realized film achievements in the last production year, a general impression is that Croatian cinematography has been less affected by the world economic crisis. An insight into new Croatian film, which will be presented to domestic and foreign audience in Novi Sad, will stand as a testimony that Croatian cinematography is not only wide awake and fresh, but that it’s being dominated by excellent performers, superb cinematographers and great scripts, all of which provide Croatian directors with all the support that they need”, said Dubravka Lakic, programme selector.

Programme “Tribute: New Croatian Cinema” is realized in cooperation and with support of Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) and shows a mutual desire to improve already successfully initiated cooperation of Serbian and Croatian cinematographies, which in the past several years presented significant results in domain of co-productions.